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 Sydney's Most Acclaimed Chinese BBQ Restaurant

Shop 69/1 Dixon Street,
Sydney NSW 2000

 Yummy Chinese BBQ

287 Liverpool Rd,

Ashfield NSW 2131

 Yummy Noodle & BBQ

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Canberra ACT 2600 

 Yummy Chinese BBQ

Our Story Begins In The Summer of 2007

The memories of the scent of charcoal grill barbecues flowing along Asia’s distinguished streets brings a smile to many of living in Australia: the taste of diligently marinated skewers grilled over hot charcoal stones melting in your mouth, accompanied by delicious traditional Chinese herbal tea. Founders and CEOs of Yummy Chinese BBQ, Lee and Coco, established their restaurants with one goal in mind: to deliver this exquisite experience and delicacy to Australia.


All of Yummy Chinese BBQ’s dishes have been developed in close collaboration with highly qualified chefs, all of which have received training in North Chinese cuisine with over 15 years’ experience to create a truly authentic Mongolian style BBQ grill experience. Prepared using local organic greens, Wagyu beef and premium meats combined with original Chinese ingredients, each dish is crafted to go beyond the standards of even the pickiest of Australia’s epicures.


What makes us stand out, aside from our originality, is our friendly customer service and the auto-rotation BBQ machine, which serves more than 100 dishes. So if you want it, we've got it!.


"Taste Like Heaven on a stick"

- The Sunday Telegraph